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New Members - Healthcare Pioneers™

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Using LinkedIN for Networking at Healthcare Pioneers Meetings

Using LinkedIN for Professional Networking before, during, and after Healthcare Pioneers Meetings. Upcoming Events:

LinkedIn Tips Courtesy of Healthcare Marketing Center (on LinkedIN: HMCOE LinkedIn Group)

Join Healthcare Pioneers LinkedIn Group | Become a Member of Healthcare Pioneers Network

  1. #1 Tip for LinkedIN – PERSONALIZE EVERYTHING. Make every message and word count.
  2. Be sure to fill out  the entire LinkedIn profile:
    1. Photo – accounts for 20% of success
    2. Headline – accounts for 20% of success. This is what grabs potential people when they look up their email messages or when they search.
    3. Summary (keep this short and simple) – this is what matters most.
    4. Experiences (job experience)
    5. Location and Industry – you need both in order to appear in local searches. If you’re between industries,  decide which one works best to your advantage.
    6. Get recommendations. The more the better. If you attended a Healthcare Pioneers meeting and loved it, go on LinkedIN and write a recommendation  under the Healthcare Pioneers section on You might just get a recommendation in return!
    7. Endorsements (in the Skills and Expertise section) are key phrases people search for. This section has become very critical. Ensure you list at least 10 Skills you’re most accomplished in.
    8. Section on “Advice for Contacting” is the most important. However, I always use my Google phone number in the headline or in the summary for the best results.
    9. Keep your entire profile focused on facts (accomplishments)
    10. There is a section for your passions. This is where you may want to include your soft-skills too.
    11. Always ask for a face to face meeting, or ask the new connection to join you at the next Healthcare Pioneers networking event!
    12. InMails may not be the best way to connect. In order for InMails to work the person receiving it has to check their own regular email as well. Most of the time InMails do not work for this reason. It’s not worth paying for.
    13. Accept connections even if they may not be directly related. While it may seem as there is no relevance please understand that some people are match-makers and they may know others who they want you to connect with, and hence the reason for their invitation.
    14. Do NOT send invitations to connect without a customized introduction. If you get flagged for spam, this will hurt your entire profile. Remember, everybody sends the standard introduction “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIN” so be different and make this introduction as important as a face-to-face introduction.
    15. The two goals of LinkedIn is to get the other person ON THE PHONE, or to MEET WITH YOU. Always keep these two goals in mind.
    16. Make sure your publicly viewable public information is up to date.
    17. Share Updates that are ENGAGING. Don’t just share links. (Updates can be sent out through the HOME tab) Include a call to action
    18. Use the Alumni Tool once your profile is complete to look up Alumni and connect with them.
    19. Strive for that magic “500” connections
    20. Customize LinkedIn Settings (especially what’s visible in updates)
    21. Use LinkedIn Search and search for people with specific titles. Filter the results by “connections” Check out the people with the most connections. Take a look at their profiles. See what groups they’re in. See if they’re active on those groups. Making a connection through replying to comments on group discussions practically guarantees a face to face meeting (if you’re in the same town)


  • Join LinkedIn Groups in your area of expertise and industry. All the Healthcare Pioneers LinkedIn Groups are listed on
  • Please note: promotional postings in Healthcare Pioneers groups are reserved for members only.
  • Participate in the discussions on the groups. NOTE: the people who take the time to write comments on discussions are the ones that want to connect. They should be in your network. There is a feature that you can directly message them from their comment on the discussion. (This is perhaps the best feature on LinkedIn)
  • Post NON-PROMOTIONAL discussions
  • Look up members (via the members tab). You can also use the keyword box to help in the search, but it’s not well designed for advanced searches. Keep the keyword short like “Boston” or “New York” or “Physician”
  • Edit Endorsements you don’t like. Remember, you know which skills you have and which skills you want others to know about.
  • Change your profile picture every 3-6 months. Keep it fresh. Keep it professional.
  • Put up videos and photos in the summary section and in experience section. It’s very interesting how effective these are.
  • Start your own sub-group on the groups you care about. Ask group owners to become a manager of the sub-group. (This is the best way to start a group of your own if you don’t have a few thousand people in your network)


  • Manage your privacy and profile settings
  • Customize your profile URL – mine is – it makes a statement of its own. Add your LinkedIn link to your emails and to your business cards.
  • Put up your Twitter profile. There’s no reason not to have one claimed for your name or business.
  • Put up a link to your website/s
  • Be sure all the links in your profile and contact info actually work. This can easily turn off people if the links do not work.
  • Publications, Patents, Videos, Papers are your way to really shine. This can really make your profile stand out.


  • Create a group for your business
  • Create a company page for your business
  • Ensure ALL employees have business listed on their profiles
  • Ensure ALL employees are part of the group you create.
  • Invite your clients, leads, and others to be part of the group.
  • Keep the message/summary about your business consistent across everyone’s profiles
  • This is not hard. You can get everyone in your company on board in one 90 minute meeting.

If you need help with your LinkedIn profile, feel free to connect with me on Sunday nights via LinkedIn. Join our groups to stay connected –

ADM Tronics Unlimited

ADM Tronics is a new member in the Healthcare Pioneers™ Network. Andre Dimino will be leading a breakout session at our Boston Healthcare Pioneers Event – Medical Device Innovations – on August 15th at Liberty Hotel in Boston

Interview with Andre Dimino – ADM Tronics

ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc. is a technology based developer and manufacturer of innovative, environmentally safe, health and life enhancing technologies and products. Our diversified product areas include: water-based industrial chemical solutions, non-invasive electronic therapy technology, electronic development and production, water-based skin adhesives and topical, dermatological products, anti-static products.

ADM Tronics Product Areas

  1. Water-Based Industrial Chemical Solutions
  2. Water-Based Skin Adhesives
  3. Water-Based Topical,
  4. Dermatological Products Non-Invasive Electronic Therapy Technology
  5. Electronic Development & Production Anti-Static Products

Latest Blog Post – Documentation is the Grease for the Engine of Medical Device Development

ADM TRONICS – 224S Pegasus Avenue, Northvale, NJ 07647  201-767-6040.

Our Divisions
Aqua Based Technologies Aqua Based Technologies: Environmentally safe, water-based primers, adhesives, coatings and additives used in the food and medical packaging, graphic arts, wall covering and converting industries.
Pros-Aide Pros-Aide: Water-based adhesive for the skin. For use in medical prosthetics applications, special effects makeup and other areas of professional makeup.
Antistatic Industries
Antistatic Industries: Specialty conductive paints, coatings and products serving the computer, pharmaceutical and chemical fields for the prevention of static electricity damage to personnel, operating plants and to expensive computers & electronic equipment and parts.



AttendingDRAttendingDr is a physician centered professional network. Our  focus at AttendingDr is to provide physicians with resources and tools to
manage and advance their careers.

Designed by physicians we provide a  common international platform where the physician community can discuss health care policy, exchange patient referrals, search jobs, explore research opportunities, or build a private practice. All on a virtual, secure platform.

Learn more –> AttendingDR | PH#  212-984-1861 | E-Mail:

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  • Barbara Marquette – NutraMetrix
  • Interview with Andre Dimino – ADM Tronics, Contract Manufacturer for Medical Devices

    Tal Givoly & Steven Kaplan MD – Medivizor
    Casey Steffen – Biologic Models
    Mitch Abrams – Renua Medical
    Allison Rae – PulseRnD
    Clifford Mintz – Artemes Technologies

  • Jayde Steckowych MD (ENT) – Health Informatics Expert – July 25 –