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The Fulcrum™ team of award winning medical technology inventors and product developers provides unmatched expertise in bringing commercially successful medical products to pharmaceutical, life science and device global markets. Fulcrum’s experience delivers leverage to company’s large and small at all stages within the design process, efficiently and effectively developing clinically-meaningful products and thus decreasing time-to-market introductions. Fulcrum’s thorough approach ensures that development of medical technology and devices are fully compliant with FDA (QSR) and ISO 13485 regulated environments. We offer full-service support focusing on the entire product development process for medical devices and combination products, from early stage user needs assessment, concept ideation and development, through detailed engineering product design and qualification, manufacturing start-up and commercial release. We have developed many novel and market-successful products that provide the user, whether a trained healthcare professional or unskilled patient/caregiver, with a relevant solution specifically adapted to the unique clinical needs. Our mission and passion has always been helping each client successfully introduce meaningful new or improved products to the market.

To discuss and arrange an introductory meeting, please contact Fulcrum at (973) 262-2400 or

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