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Atlanta Healthcare Innovation Conference & Showcase

April 28, at Kennesaw State University Center 9-5pm


Address: 3333 Busbee Drive, Kennesaw, GA 30144

2 Volunteers Wanted to help with morning check-in: Call (347) 903-4362  or Email us

ON SITE REGISTRATION: $150 - Save Money By Registering Online by Wednesday April 27

Attendees: Healthcare Executives, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Digital Healthcare, Healthcare IT, eHealth, mHealth, Wearables

   RevenueSphere, LLC.


The much anticipated Speed Networking Session starts at 9:00am sharp. Please arrive before 9am to participate.

10am - Panels & Workshops

Successfully Selling to Hospitals and Physicians - Tips from Industry Insiders.  10 am - Panel - Room 400, Accessible to All Conference Participants. Workshop provides insights into the difficult operating and financial climate of healthcare organizations and how to avoid the biggest mistakes in selling to hospitals.

Moderator: Glenn Pearson,  Pearson Health Tech Insights - consultancy established to maximize the market success of exciting new technologies. If you're launching a new healthcare technology, learn about your customers from the insiders.

Ed Bonn  - Perspectives of a Hospital CEO

Matt Ethington - Perspectives of a Startup selling successfully to Healthcare Organizations

Lance Black MD - Medical Affairs Manager
Global Center for Medical Innovation

Steven Fraime - Director of WellStar’s Center for Health Transformation

Linking innovation, economic development, and workforce initiatives in the Health IT Capital of the nation. 11:30 am - Panel - Room 400 - 11:30 to Lunch

Key Takeaway - understand Atlanta's healthcare ecosystem, the major players in the market, and the decision-making processes involved in adopting technologies.

Moderator - Sweta Sneha, Director of Healthcare Management and Informatics and an Associate Professor of Information Systems and Security at Kennesaw State University

Jon Morris MD, CIO, Wellstar Health Systems - Overview of the adoption of IT technologies in the health system setting. Examples of Health IT Initiatives in Atlanta's Healthcare Ecosystem.

Jeff Arnold, CEO, ShareCare - Overview of Patient Centered Care initiatives

Charles Ross, VP of Economic Development, KSU & director of Startup Networks for the Enterprise Innovation Institute at Georgia Tech

David Hartnett, VP of Economic Development at the Metro Atlanta Chamber & Angel Investor

WORKSHOPS - 10am to 1pm (workshop registration required)

Workshop A, Room 401: Adoption of Innovative Technologies - 10am to 1pm. - Separate Workshop Registration Required - Challenges & Opportunities for Healthcare Executives. Critical  question answered: "buying a solution" vs "fixing a strategic business problem"

Speaker - Judy Mod - Revenue Sphere, LLC. The problem that we solve – is the “operationalization” of innovation to bridge the widening buyer-seller adoption gap. We have a commitment to the core disciplines of quality, reliability and predictability as our foundation. In the complex marketplace of today, 80% of sales are lost not to the competition, but to “non-decision.” RevenueSphere has the fresh perspective that is delivering value and driving success for buyers, sellers and investors.

Workshop B, Room 182: Communications Workshop for organizations looking to provide opportunities & resources for their members and employees - 10am to 1pm - Separate Workshop Registration Required  Improving employee & member relations, organizing your network, creating membership and a marketplace. Importance of HIPAA-secure communications. 

Speaker - Sangeet Khanna MD - - Online HIPAA-secure marketplace and messaging platform for physicians. Member organization tool for associations, medical organizations, and networks.

1pm to 2:30 - Healthcare Innovation Showcase Opens & Lunch

Top 10 startups and organizations display their innovative products, services, apps, devices, and advocacy. ALL 10 Finalists receive a FREE exhibit table at the Innovation Showcase. 

Healthcare Innovation Showcase Sponsors can help up to 10 startups exhibit at the conference AT NO COST. Become a sponsor & get AA+ rating exposure for your organization

Become an exhibitor at the Healthcare Innovation Showcase. Sections will be devoted to medical devices, digital health & health IT, health & wellness, biotech & pharma, clinical programs - Register an Exhibit Table 

1:15 to 2:30 - Lunch Roundtables allow sponsors to connect with up to 10 individuals about a very specific topic of innovation. Register a Lunch Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable A: Pitfalls of marketing to hospitals: Pearson Health Tech Insights is hosting a Labyrinth Marble Maze Challenge in Room 431.  Gift cards will be awarded to the person who makes it furthest through the maze and also to another participant drawn at random.

Roundtable B: HIPAA-security Discussion: is hosting the HIPAA-security discussion table.

3:00 pm to 4:30 pm - Investor Pitch Tank - 5 lucky startups will be chosen to pitch to investors. 10 applicants will receive an exhibit table for the Innovation Showcase. Apply Today. $95 application fee + free ticket to attend conference if not selected as finalist. Please send business plan, website information, and supporting documentation to Healthcare Pioneers Membership Team. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE TO DISCLOSE INFORMATION IN FRONT OF THE AUDIENCE. As always, you do not have to disclose everything, just enough to peak the interest of the investors. This is an ideal opportunity for organizations seeking not just investors but also much deserved awareness for their projects.

Past Atlanta Healthcare Innovation Attendees

35 Startups & Midsize Companies Medical Devices, IT, Biotechnology, Pharma
22 Midsize IT Solution Providers IT, SAAS
17 Consulting Firms Management Consulting
7 Media Partners TV, Radio, Internet Reaching over 35,000 Professionals
3 Local Executive Networks IT, Medical Devices, & Biotechnology
3 Local Incubators & Accelerators Technology Incubators
8 Healthcare Professionals Medical
11 Engineers working on new products
VP Insurance Insurance 5000+
C-suite Product Management Medical Devices 5000+
Faculty R&D Medical Devices 1000 to 5000 
Physician Executive Research Department Hospital & Healthcare 1000 to 5000 
VP Insurance Insurance 5000+
VP Insurance Insurance 1000 to 5000 
Physician Executive Medical Medical 100 to 1000
C-suite  Financial Financial Services 51 to 100
C-suite Product Development Medical Devices 11 to 50
Investor Angels & VC Venture Capital 11 to 50
VP Marketing & Sales Medical Devices 11 to 50
C-suite Tech Designs Medical Devices 6 to 10
C-suite IT Healthcare IT 100 to 1000
C-suite Healthcare Management  Hospital & Healthcare 11 to 50
C-suite Commercialization Pharmaceuticals 11 to 50
Investor Angels & VC Venture Capital 6 to 10
Investor Angels & VC Venture Capital 11 to 50
C-suite Incubator  Technology Incubator 6 to 10
C-suite Product Development Medical Devices 11 to 50
C-suite CEO Medical Devices 6 to 10
C-suite Management Consulting Hospital & Healthcare 11 to 50
C-suite Workforce Solutions Hospital & Healthcare 51 to 100
VP Marketing & Sales Hospital & Healthcare 6 to 10
C-suite Local Innovation Networks Hospital & Healthcare 6 to 10
C-suite Local Innovation Networks Hospital & Healthcare 6 to 10
C-suite Local Innovation Networks Medical Devices 6 to 10
C-suite Local Innovation Networks Medical Devices 6 to 10
Consultant Management Consulting Healthcare 1 to 5
C-suite Legal Life Sciences, cross-functional 11 to 50
C-suite Legal Life Sciences, cross-functional 6 to 10
C-suite  Financial Financial Services 11 to 50
Consultant Management Consulting Healthcare 1 to 5

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