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Boston Healthcare Innovation Expo 

June 24, at UMass Boston Campus Center, 9-5pm

5th event in the Healthcare Pioneers Innovation Conference Tour


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9 am - Innovation Showcases Open - manufacturers, product designers, 3-D printer experts, top startups and organizations display their innovative products, services, apps, devices, and advocacy.

Each Innovation Showcase Sponsor will help 10 startups exhibit at the conference AT NO COST. Become a sponsor & get national exposure for your organization.

8:30am - CHECK-IN & EARLY NETWORKING (Avoid the Traffic, Come Early)

9am - SPEED NETWORKING SESSION - well attended by executives that cannot stay for the whole day. Expect up to 15-20 connections within just one hour.


10:30 AM ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS - Morning discussions at each table are focused on concepts, angel funding, intellectual property, regulations, getting your idea to the next level. Afternoon discussions are focused on commercialization, advanced sales, next rounds of funding, technology adoption strategies, operations, logistics and much more. 

To suggest a topic for discussion or to lead a discussion call: 646-664-6018. Leaders and their companies will be promoted through our Healthcare Pioneers Network with a social reach of 23 million individuals. To join a featured roundtable please register accordingly or EMAIL THE HEALTHCARE PIONEERS TEAM with questions.



What is Precicision Medicine and how will it Revolutionize Medicine led by Dr. Kalyan Kalwa from Dr Kalwa has founded the Health Innovators Coworking center which provides an innovation ecosystem for Digital health entrepreneurs. Discuss how a person's genetic makeup, lifestyle, and the environment affect their medical treatment.

Marketing Sub-Topic: Identifying with your Customer led by Corrine Vitolo from SmartSports. This discussion will focus on your personal story and how to idenfify with your customer. Key Takeaway: finding the person who is up all night thinking how to solve a challenge your technology has a solution for.

Connected Health: Creating a Learning Health System led by Harshal Shah from Persistent Systems. Key discussion is on the intersect of available technologies with engagement of patients, clinicians, and health systems.


  • Filtering through Apps
  • What it takes to Adopt New Digital Technologies - answering challenges of adoption of new technologies by organizations. Insights from investors and serial entrepreneurs.
  • Funding Your Startup
  • Marketing & Sales
  • What it means to brand your technology from start


MEDICAL DEVICE & BIOTECH ROUNDTABLE - all day. Breakouts being scheduled:

Medical Device Design & Commercialization Workshop led by Jon Bell and Richard Caizza from FULCRUM. Learn about new regulations influencing medical device design, human factors, and how to get your medical device to the next level. Breakout Session starts at 10:30 am. 

Developing device-enabled services for Connected, Digital Healthcare led by Bill Prenovitz. This discussion is ideal for Executives, entrepreneurs, and product developers interested in combining regulated devices with connectivity to deliver new value propositions to their patients.

University Intellectual Property - Building a successful commercial venture from Intellectual Property developed by you, and owned by your University led by Dave Potter from PGS Growth Partner. What are the Key Factors in Creating a Win-Win Situation, and how can the “Deal” be structured to make this “Win-Win” compelling to the university?

  • 3D Printing Innovations - from rapid prototyping to development of latest medical devices and materials available
  • Designing Technologies for Success
  • FDA, HIPAA, and Compliance


HEALTHCARE LEADERS' ROUNDTABLE - all day -  Breakouts being scheduled:

  • Revenue Cycle Innovations
  • Facing HIPAA Challenges Head On

12:30 am - Lunch on your own & Lunch Roundtables. Lunch Roundtables allow sponsors to connect with up to 10 individuals about a very specific topic of innovation. Register a Lunch Roundtable Discussion

4:30 pm - Investor Pitch Tank - 3 lucky startups will be chosen to pitch to investors. Apply Today. Please send business plan, website information, and supporting documentation to Healthcare Pioneers Membership Team. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE DISCLOSING INFORMATION IN FRONT OF THE AUDIENCE. As always, you do not have to disclose everything, just enough to peak the interest of the investors. 

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