Healthcare Pioneers™ New York

Following the success of our 13 events in New York already since June 2013:

Upcoming Healthcare Pioneers event in New York, May 20: Medical Marijuana – Do you Prescribe?

Past Events: 3rd Integrative Health & Wellness Symposium in Queens, NY – December 7th, 2013

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Join our Healthcare Pioneers™ Group in New York on MEETUP

Join our Healthcare Pioneers™ Group in New York on MEETUP

The focus: Innovations in the Medical Practice

  1. Referral Networking & How to Use Virtual Platforms for Business Opportunities – Breakout session for doctors & health care professionals interested in creating new referral and professional relationships. Breakout led by Sangeet Khanna MD from AttendingDR
  2. Marketing a Medical Practice in 2012 - Digital marketing and social media, patient referrals, physician ratings, and how to increase the profitability of a practice, surgery center, or hospital department. Breakout Led by Healthcare Marketing Center
  3. Technologies for Medical Practice that enhance the doctor-patient relationship.
  4. Breakouts suggested by attendees
  5. Breakouts led by physicians promoting their practices will be taking place throughout the night. Apply to promote your practice by emailing: or calling 646-648-1355.

Healthcare Pioneers Event Photos from June 26th!

Our last event in New York was attended by: 35 doctors, 55 medical technology companies, 10 investor companies, 15 medical device companies, 35 other healthcare entrepreneurs … and was crashed by 20 healthcare information technology folks coming from other events in the building.




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