Healthcare Pioneers’ Innovation Conference

Join us at the New York Healthcare Innovation Conference on OCTOBER 14 – 11am-6pm for the hottest opportunity to meet innovators of the industry: physicians, executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who finance medical innovations, at the prestigious Citibank Executive Conference Center in Midtown, New York - 601 Lexington Ave.

This conference will consist of structured speed networking session followed by discussion roundtables and Shark Tank. Program starts sharp at noon so please arrive early.

***Last Min Announcements ***

  • New Roundtables Added (scroll below ticket info) – Telemedicine in New York,
  • All Physicians registering for the Physicians’ Business meeting and Referral Networking at the conference receive a special discount for registering profiles on - Please register and complete your profile to receive the discount. Incomplete profiles will not be given consideration. This is an important step that allows all attending doctors and businesses to network in person and online after the conference.
  • There are only 3 exhibit tables left. Call 888-416-9926 to learn more about exhibiting and sponsoring at the events.

PROGRAM OUTLINE - Detailed Program Information Below Tickets.

  • Track A – Shark Tank – top 5 startups in pharma, medical device and digital health industries pitch to investors. Apply Now.
  • Track B – Networking Center & Exhibits. Open All Day. 11am to 6pm. Speed Networking starts at Noon in each vertical (med device, pharma, physicians)
  • Track C – Pharmaceutical Innovation: Advancing Personalized Medicine, Clinical Decision Support Technologies, and latest EMA/FDA regulatory changes
  • Track D – Medical Device Innovation
  • Track E – Digital Healthcare Innovation
  • Track F – Physicians Business, Careers and Integrative Medicine Symposium - special focus on physicians who are retiring, leaving traditional medicine, or are interested in Integrative Medicine models.

EARLY BIRD $175 Ticket HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 19. Tickets go up to $225 on September 20, and will cost $300 at the door/day of event. Conference Passes and Exhibit Tables include 12 month membership within the NYC chapter (a $345 discount!) and advisor opportunities for startups.

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QUESTIONS  - Call (347) 903-4362 or connect with Dr. Simon Sikorski via LinkedIn


Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens at 11am.

Track A – Shark Tank & Investor Strategies - Only 50 Applications will be accepted. FREE to APPLY. Five (5) lucky finalists will get to present their technology in front of a live audience, pitch to investors in attendance and on the panel, and receive critical feedback about their company. Each applicant receives ONLY ONE (1) complimentary ticket to the conference for their company’s executive. Additional tickets for companies participating in the Shark Tank may be purchased as General Attendance tickets. Format: (a) Companies Apply by Choosing Ticket option “Shark Tank Application” (b) An executive summary needs to be forwarded to the email provided in the registration process (c) 5 Finalists will be chosen to present during the conference and get critical feedback/investor interest in front of a live audience. (d) Should any of the applicants or finalists get funded as a result of the conference, a 1% Finders Fee will be assessed.

Track B – Networking Center - Open All Day.

  • Speed Networking starts at Noon. Everyone is automatically entered into the speed-networking session. We will rotate every 5-10 minutes (depending on total number of registrants for the conference)
  • Roundtable Discussions start at 1:30 pm. If you have very specific networking needs, or would like to meet with investors or advisors in a more private setting, we can arrange a roundtable for you. Please register for the roundtable and we will match-make advisors to your needs (from attendees to the conference and mentors in the Healthcare Pioneers network who will be invited to participate at your roundtable) - Examples of Roundtable discussions

Track C – Pharmaceutical Innovation Roundtables and Speakers

  • Consideration for Clinical Trial Sites  - Gayane Badalian-Very M.D. PhD, CEO GMDI
  • Clinical Decision Support Technologies paving the way for Personalized Medicine.
  • Improving Patient Outcomes: Companion Diagnostics | Predictive Biomarkers, Midpoint and Endpoint Diagnostics
  • Recent Changes in Regulatory Strategies for FDA and EMA

Track D – Medical Device Innovation Roundtables and Speakers

  • Latest medical device innovations
  • Manufacturing for Success
  • Human Factors in the Design and Development of Medical & Digital Technologies – Focus on User-Centered Design process, with case examples.
  • Choosing the Right Materials for Your Technology
  • Pros and Cons of Contract Manufacturing and how to choose a manufacturer for your prototype and mass production
  • FDA / Regulatory Strategies for 2014 and Beyond
  • Is your App a Regulated Medical Device?
  • Diagnostics & Imaging Innovations
  • Cardiovascular Innovations
  • Drug Delivery Technologies

Track E – The Age of Digital Healthcare Workshop Roundtables and Speakers

  • Telemedicine in New York
  • Future of Telemedicine & Integration with Mobile & Digital Devices
  • HIE and Big Data: advances in interpretation and usability of healthcare information
  • Patient Engagement in 2014 – from patient portals to Blue Button, we will explore some of the most impressive advancements in this decade’s top discussion: who owns your data.
  • Accountability in Healthcare: how present and future technologies can impact accountability.

Track F - Physicians Business – for physicians and healthcare executives who would like to learn from and network with other successful physicians.

  • Physicians in Transition – Led by Dr Sangeet Khanna from – For physicians with successful careers who are looking to retire, find alternative careers and investment opportunities and much much more!
  • Referral Networking for Physicians
  • Integrative Medicine Career Opportunities
  • Networking for Physician Referrals
  • Business Opportunities for Physicians
  • If you are setting up or expanding your medical practice in the field of integrative medicine, this is the workshop for you. We will explore many aspects of business development, marketing, and operations. All physicians and their practice administrators may ask specific questions during registration process.
QUESTIONS??? Call (347) 903-4362

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